A visual road trip investigating migration in the Americas. Available in the App Store. Photography and video Kadir van Lohuizen/NOOR. Production by Paradox.

The project
On 16 March 2011 Kadir van Lohuizen (NOOR) began his road trip in Puerto Toro in southern Chile. Over 40 weeks he will be traveling by road along the west coast of the Americas towards Northern Alaska. Following the Pan-American Highway, Van Lohuizen is looking for stories of the people migrating between and within the countries along the route.

The app
The photo stories produced on the road are exclusive to the application. On a weekly basis, reports containing 15-30 images and video impressions are added to the content. Currently the app contains eight reports made in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia. In the 30 weeks to follow, stories from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Central- and Northern America will be added.

Developed especially for the iPad, and combining blogs, photo series, video and background information about the countries covered, the Via PanAm application leads the viewer day by day past the many places, people and stories Van Lohuizen meets along the 28,000 km route. The app can be downloaded from the App Store for USD 3,99/EUR 2,99.

Via PanAm - a 40 week journey investigating migration in the Americas
Photographer Kadir Van Lohuizen zooms in on the lives of migrants he encounters on his trip. In Chile he met Mapuche indians, who were forced to leave their land in 1970s and are still fighting for their rights. In Bolivia Van Lohuizen attended the official opening by Evo Morales of the mines in the newly discovered lithium reserves in the salt lake of Uyuni. In Peru he went into the Amazonas to cover the illegal gold mining taking place there and in Ecuador he meets some members of the all black national soccer team, whose ancestors are of African descent.

With 10 more countries to go, numerous other stories will be added to the list, revealing the many different reasons that people have to leave their home and move elsewhere, be it forced or voluntarily. In this way Van Lohuizen wants to contribute to a better insight and understanding of migration, a phenomenon which is as old as humanity but is seen as a new threat in the Western world today.

Bio Kadir van Lohuizen
Kadir van Lohuizen (1963) has covered conflicts throughout the world, but he is probably best known for his projects on the seven rivers of the world and the diamond industry. He has received numerous prizes for his work, including two World Press Photo awards. In September 2007, Van Lohuizen and nine others established the agency NOOR (Amsterdam). He became a member of the supervisory board of World Press Photo in 2008. To date, Van Lohuizen has published four photo books, including 'Diamond Matters, the diamond industry' and 'Aderen'.

In his work Van Lohuizen often covers the uncovered. In his aftermath projects about hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti, he follows the victims and the long-term effects until many years after the event, when the focus of attention from the international news media has moved elsewhere. In Via PanAm Van Lohuizen brings the focus back to Latin America. The continent is hardly visible in today`s news coverage, although so much is changing there, both politically and economically. As migration touches upon a broad range of topics, Via PanAm will cover many of the current - as well as historical - developments on the American continents.

Special Event: July 8, Rencontres d'Arles
A live presentation of the app will take place at the Rencontres d'Arles, 8th of July at 17:00. Location: stand of Dirk Bakker books at the book fair in Le Village, Parc des Ateliers, Arles, France. Both Paradox and Noor representatives will be present here.

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